Successful & Responsible Marketing During COVID-19

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November 26, 2020

Did you know, that now more so than ever, businesses are relying on and using social channels, like LinkedIn, twitter & Facebook more than ever? LinkedIn alone has seen a dramatic increase over recent weeks, to the tune of over 20million+ total users. If you’re Social media marketing in Manchester, this blog is worth a read.

With businesses and business owners now having to work from home, they have more time to spend on social channels, whilst also engaging in other opportunities that perhaps your business can offer them. Keeping your brand consistent across social channels and marketing consistently is key in keeping your followers and clients engaged.

As coronavirus, known as Covid-19, continues to spread around the world, health organisations have been urging people to stay at home, but while these measures are vital in helping to curb the spread of the deadly disease, we need to help business stay afloat. The companies that position themselves and extensively manage their brand strategy in these times for success will be the ones that increase sales and market share when this is all over AND will be the company that everyone remembers because they didn’t forget about their customers, and didn’t stop doing great business, just because we’re in tough times.

So, at this time we have developed our standard offering under ‘social media marketing in Manchester’ and will not only look to engage our clients with target customers, through creative and passive social media marketing but also build our clients pipeline through introducing surveys and questionnaires (more likely to be completed at this time, as business owners are engaging with social channels and content). Thus, build our clients brand tastefully and new business pipeline. This all falls under our onboarding process, we ensure you consult with our expert brand strategy consultants.

Businesses need now, more than ever, a whole range of products/services available to them to try and diminish the impact of COVID-19s that’s why we’ve decided to develop our lead generation solution. Here at Orange Media Co, we can provide extensive advice and be your brand strategy consultants.

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