Deity Case study | Orange Media

Deity New York

Key Requirements

Deity New York is a new luxury fashion brand, they wanted to incorporate the indulgence of the products in a bespoke design to their brand. We looked closely at similar high fashion brand user experiences to ensure a journey through the website was as seamless, efficient and enjoyable as possible. The goal was to ensure the buying experience is as beautiful and continuous as the clothing itself.

Services Provide

  • Bespoke Design

  • UX

  • Tailored Development

Orange’s original design for Deity is completely bespoke with an emphasis on clean, clear design and a clear user journey to make the buying experience seamless. We optimised and tested each section to support the design as well as the usability in a clear and beautiful way. The integrated e-commerce system allows varying currencies, clear shipping methods and an easy to use sizing guide all inline with the Deity brand and luxury feel.

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