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CGS Case Study

Case Study: Carlisle Design Studio



Carlisle Design Studio are looking to branch in to Europe from Russia and Asia. They are a bespoke interior design company so looking for very specific and high end clients. Our main aim is to deliver exposure and arrange calls and meetings with prospective leads.

Proposed Solution


Using LinkedIn we will grow profile connections with very specific target audience of five star hotels, luxury resorts, Michelin Star restuarants and high end property developers.

We will post profile content about past and current projects to engage with and shoe the benefits of working with Carlisle Design Studio. Alongside engaging with relevant groups, liking and commenting on posts to ensure the profile is engaged and approachable.



With a full month of research to ensure we could target and interact appropriately with the ‘big hitters’ necessary, we approached the campaign with some creative twists leading to;

After 3 months of campaigning we have gone from a profile with less than 20 connections to a network of 1600 key decision makers in specified fields, an average of 140 profile views a week and an engaging and genuinely useful revenue stream.